Essential information

Thank you for your interest in The Bunker Below, please view the below information regarding your booking and your experience on the night.

  • Tickets are non refundable and non transferable
  • This event includes both indoor and outdoor sections, 70% of the event takes place inside the bunker, but there is a walk through the woods across potentially uneven and muddy ground. You will also be outside between your car and the check in area. The waiting and check-in area is fully under cover.
  • The event is NOT for children, the minimum age of admission is 14, there are scary scenes and adult content. If you wish to bring younger children please email the office to confirm.
  • Anyone aged between 14 and 16 must be accompanied by a full paying adult.
  • You must arrive during your time slot (if booking on a 6.30pm-7.00pm slot you can arrive any time between those times) You may still have to wait for your turn to enter the bunker depending how busy the night is.
  • Please make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and sensible appropriate clothing. The bunker can be cold even though it is inside.
  • A carer discount can be added to your booking using the code “CARER24” for a £20 discount on the carer ticket for the event. Please add the carer ticket in addition to any other tickets. Please bring any relevant disabled badges etc
  • Food and drink will be available to purchase before and after the event, please do not bring any of your own food.
  • If we suspect that you have been drinking we can refuse admission with no refund, security are present on site.
  • Please do not take photos or video once inside the main bunker, this will result in your group being removed from the experience.
  • Please do not touch any of our actors or set during the event, we have a zero tolerance police to violence towards our scarers and staff
  • Fancy dress, fake weapons, or large bulky bags etc are not allowed. Leave the scaring to us.

Additional FAQ

Where is the event?

Kelvedont Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, use CM15 0LA for Sat Navs

What3Words address ///SCARE.WORKS.SLICE bringing you to the middle of our car park.

What happens on the event?

The event is set in the grounds and inside of the bunker itself. You will follow a set route through the grounds and the bunker experiencing different themed scares.

How long does the event last?

The event will last around 1 hour. You may be on site longer if you have to wait for your group to be called

How much are tickets?

Tickets start at £26.50

Will it be scary? Do people Jump out at me?

We intend the event to be scary, there will be jump scares, loud sounds and effects.

Is the event indoor?

The event includes both indoor and outdoor sections. The waiting area pre-event is completely covered. The majority of the event uses the Secret Nuclear Bunker itself so the majority of the event is indoor.

Who can attend?

The event is NOT for children, the minimum age of admission is 14, there are scary scenes and adult content. Anyone aged between 14 and 16 must be accompanied by a full paying adult.

Will the actors touch me?

The actors will not touch you. We do not allow you to touch the actors or the set. We have a zero tolerance policy to violence towards scarers and staff.

Will I get blood on me?

It is unlikely, but we can’t rule out that dirt or makeup could transfer to your clothes from the set, so please dress appropriately.

Do I need to run?

You will not need to run, you may move through certain scenes quicker than others but running is not permitted.

What happens if I am too scared?

If you are too scared please alert the scarer or staff who will radio staff to remove you from the area via our staff walkways where you can wait for your group in the safety of the cafe or in a safe space until we are able to remove you without disrupting the event. If you would like to continue you can turn on your phone torch and point it at your face, this will stop any scares for your whole group (not recommended!)

How many people go through per group?

Each group has 6-8 people, this will normally be your own group and people you have arrived with. For groups larger than 6 we can keep you together (up to a maximum of 8) but this may impact your scare experience.

Do you offer group discounts?

This year we are limiting numbers so unfortunately we are not offering any standard multi buy discounts.

Can I attend with any medical conditions or disabilities?

Please consult your GP if you have any history of medical conditions that could be affected by a scare experience. We unfortunately are unable to cater for wheelchair users this year due to the stairs at the location.

Can I speak to someone?

Our office enquiry line both phone and email is available through the contact page.