The Bunker Below
The Bunker Below


Experience new depths of fear in a Halloween event based in a REAL Ex Government Nuclear Bunker 125ft underground. Descend into the depths and explore the bunker in a one hour long terrifying experience this October.

The Bunker Below was created by industry veterans with 20+ years experience working in TV, Film and Scare Events. The team use film quality props, tech and professional actors to create a one of a kind immersive experience, in one of the most unique locations in the UK.


Set inside a REAL Ex Government Nuclear Bunker and the grounds surrounding it, this is a one-of-a-kind experience not available anywhere else in the UK. Back for our third year with a bigger team and a longer route, expect the unexpected as you descend into the depths of madness.


A top secret Military organisation based deep underground in an Ex Government Bunker have been conducting classified research into the science of FEAR… and a terrifying discovery has been made.

Known only as THE SIGNAL this audio recording drives anyone who hears it mad, twisting your brain and creating visions from the depths of your worst fears…. The worst part, the device creating THE SIGNAL can no longer be shut down.


Will you be brave enough to BOOK YOUR TICKET to enter the base to help shut down the device. Be ready to experience the depths of FEAR as we do not know what HORRORS await you inside.

You will also need to avoid the disturbed individuals that have been subjected to THE SIGNAL for days and weeks twisting their mind and bodies… Will there be anything left of them?

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Running between the 18th October and 2nd November 2024, tickets are limited for this one of a kind scare experience, BOOK YOUR TICKETS now to avoid missing out.

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