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When booking all parties agree to our T&C displayed at the bottom of this page.

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Ticket Information

Prices below exclude booking fees. When purchasing tickets for The Bunker Below you and your group agree to the terms and conditions (detailed at the bottom of this page, and during checkout).

Your experience will last around 1 Hour – to minimise queue times arrival slots are every 30 minutes.

The event includes both indoor and outdoor areas, sensible shoes and weather-appropriate clothing is advisable.




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Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 6.00pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 6.00pm£26.50
In Stock75.00000018/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 6.30pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 6.30pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 7.00pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 7.00pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 7.30pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 7.30pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 8.00pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 8.00pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 8.30pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 8.30pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 9.00pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 9.00pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 9.30pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 9.30pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 10.00pmBunker Below: Friday 18/10/24 - 10.00pm£26.50
In Stock7518/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 6.00pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 6.00pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 6.30pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 6.30pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 7.00pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 7.00pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 7.30pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 7.30pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 8.00pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 8.00pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 8.30pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 8.30pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 9.00pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 9.00pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 9.30pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 9.30pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024
Bunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 10.00pmBunker Below: Saturday 19/10/24 - 10.00pm£26.50
In Stock7519/10/2024

Terms and Conditions


A ticket booking secures entry to The Bunker Below event on the date during the time-slot booked. If you have booked in the 6.00pm to 6.30pm time slot you may arrive anytime from 6.00pm up to 6.30pm. In very busy periods there may be wait times of up to 45 minutes and you may enter the bunker later then your time band.

We have a large FREE onsite carpark, on arrival please follow the parking marshal instructions. Please do not park in an un designated space or you may be blocked in by cast and crew vehicles. All vehicles and contents are left at the owners risk.

If any ticket holders arrive after your allocated time slot time, management may be able to fit you into a later time if space is available. If there are no spaces available we may offer a time slot on a later date but this is not guaranteed.

14 days before your booked date tickets are non transferable and non refundable. Any tickets that are moved will incur an admin fee. Prices exclude booking fee which will be added during checkout. Any refunds will not include the booking fee.

Please ensure your tickets are available, either printed or downloaded to your mobile device and ready to to display on arrival. Please be advised that certain mobile providers have slow mobile signal in the area.


Anyone attending the event should dress suitably with appropriate footwear for the weather on the night. The event is mostly indoor with a section through a wooded area in the first part of the experience. The starting scare area, our car park and the walk to the check in area are also not open to the elements. Please do not arrive in fancy dress, with any prop weapons or with any large or bulky bags. Should you arrive with anything inappropriate management will require these to be left in your vehicle before entry is permitted.

If you or anybody in your party are pregnant or have a history of medical conditions that include: heart conditions, claustrophobia, photosensitive forms of epilepsy, back disorders, diabetes, arthritis or asthma. You will be subjected to low lighting, loud sounds and potential claustrophobic conditions. If any of these are an issue please consult a GP or medical professional about your planned attendance.

We are unfortunately unable to cater for wheelchair users or anyone not able to use stairs. The location is an Ex military facility and has very restricted disabled access. We also cannot admin anyone using crutches due to the use of stairs.

Food and drink will be available throughout the evening. Please note we do reserve the right to refuse admission. **NB** If guests arrive intoxicated this may result in refusal of entry with no refund. Security are present on site at all times.

Photography and Video is only permitted in the waiting area. Once you enter the bunker, torches, cameras videocameras or any recording equipment is forbidden and may result in your group being ejected from the experience.

The Bunker Below is an adult event not intended for children. Anyone between the ages of 14-16 needs to be accompanied by a full paying adult. If anyone on the experience is too frightened to continue you can ask your nearest scare actor to remove you to the safety of our Cafe. If you leave the experience you will not be refunded.


At some points in the experience you may be separated from your designated group. This is to ensure a better experience through a heightened fear factor. If your group is larger than the advised amount and you insist on being kept together, this will negatively affect your overall experience. Running is prohibited.

You are NOT permitted to touch the actors or set, turn on or off any lights or move into areas not part of the experience.

We have a zero tolerance towards violent behavior directed at any staff on the grounds of the event. This will result in immediate ejection from the event and potential prosecution.

Attendees to The Bunker Below voluntarily assume all risks and dangers associated with attending the event and agree to release the owners, directors and employees from any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly.

Attendees should keep together in the group in which they entered. Members of the group should not race on ahead or lag behind. The group should proceed steadily so as not to merge with group(s) ahead or behind. Staff may delay groups to separate them out if they are getting too close.

By purchasing tickets to the The Bunker Below, you agree to all the above terms and conditions. The Bunker Below is owned and insured by Blackpapersky Productions LTD.

(Conditions of entry)

Contact details from the group leader will be stored in our system to comply with NHS Test & Trace guidelines
Temperature checks may be taken on entry. Hand sanitiser is recommended to be used before entry. Face coverings are optional. Toilets with hot hand wash facilities will be available, these will be cleaned regularly.